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Think and Act Like a Thief

Savor the moment like you just pulled a $160 million Las Vegas heist.

Clips of a young Brad Pitt convinced me to purchase Ocean's 11. The movie concluded with the men standing in front of the Bellagio fountains in complete disbelief, looking at the hotel they just robbed. Brad looks to Carl Reiner and smiles. Carl nods, as if to say, “I know”. The scene lasted for about a minute before each of them started to leave one at a time, ready for the next one.

Pause after a job well done. Bask in the glory of your accomplishment and relish the moment because it truly only lasts that long — a moment. Then file the memory away lovingly and look to the future with a fresh mind.

Success doesn’t repeat itself on its own. A moment on the pedestal will not sustain you for a lifetime. Success requires consistent action for as long as you want more of it. At some point the fire dies unless given more fuel. So just like in the movie, seize the moment, then get ready for the next adventure.

In the same vein, misfortunes are also temporary. Everything has a shelf life. Sadness, loss, grief, winter of all kinds. Honor your humanity, but don’t get attached to a particular feeling too long.

Think like a thief. Move quickly, swiftly, bravely.


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