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Hi, I'm Jiana!


I’m a life coach, a writer, and an entrepreneur. Check out my podcast and YouTube channel, where I share ideas on how to cultivate an unrelenting pursuit to grow, become tough as hell, and maintain individuality.


In 2017, I became a mom who's single — not a single mom ;)


Though I'd always been a go-getter, I knew I needed to uplevel my power, move mountains, and make things happen for my girls.


Supermama unlocked!


Despite having no social support, I graduated from college, started businesses, moved homes, transformed a difficult co-parenting relationship, and created a thriving life.

And I created all my success by mastering myself. I knew everything I needed was inside of me, and all I had to do was step up to the plate and let it flow out. I've developed an unshakeable mental fortitude and emotional fitness that allow me to move every mountain that stands in my way.


Today, life continues to unfold beautifully, and my mission is to help women through their self-mastery journey to create their dream lives.

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