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In 2017, I became a mom who's single — not a single mom.


I'd always been a go-getter, but I knew I needed to uplevel my power, move mountains, and make things happen for my girls.


Supermama unlocked!


Despite having no family around, I graduated from college at the top of my class, started businesses, transformed a difficult co-parenting relationship, and lived out my dreams.

And I created all my success by mastering myselfI've developed an unshakeable mental and emotional fortitude that allowed me to overcome every obstacle that stood in my way.


Since then, I have realized many more dreams, like coaching others, publishing my writing (right now I'm in the process of writing a book), and making an impact through my work. Life continues to unfold beautifully, and my mission is to help women master themselves so they, too, can live their lives beyond their wildest dreams.

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