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I help
unrelenting women
get after their dreams.

My name is Jiana Furagganan. I am a coach, a writer, and the host of Relentless — a podcast for women who want it all.

To me, success is living life by design. I am allergic to conformity and rigid rules. 


I have been a leader and a winner for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I was a Girl Scout, a choir member, a dancer, and an orator. I joined every competition and won them all. In 6th grade, I was the Student Council President and the Editor-in-Chief of our school newspaper. I had the best childhood, playing with my cousins and dancing in warm tropical rain.

I thrive in changes. I attended three different high schools and four different colleges. I lived in more than ten different cities. But, maintaining relationships is one of my gifts. I am still friends with my kindergarten friends.


My childhood dream was to become a pediatrician and help children, but when my first child was born, I decided that being her mother and watching her grow up was more important to me than becoming a doctor. I didn’t want to be gone all day. I wanted to be the kind of mother my Mom was — present.


Helping children must have been a part of my destiny. I launched my teaching business. Then, I transitioned to coaching children and teenagers. I’ve helped thousands of students from all around the world build their mindset and skills to thrive and succeed. I’ve mentored teen entrepreneurs and helped them launch start-up companies. Thanks to them, I fulfilled my childhood dream.

I help clients achieve bigger dreams.

Then, I started coaching adults. I mean, I started charging them. I had been a coach at school, at work, and in my personal life all my life. Friends come to me when they have a dilemma because I am solution-focused and direct; I say what needs to be said. They know I am dependable, competent, and trustworthy.


I studied Psychology, and as a lifelong learner, I continue to study, practice, and teach methods and insights to help clients build a bulletproof mindset, create an unshakeable core, and lean on intuition and magic to achieve big goals.

I love it when people tell me, "I haven't thought of that before!" It's usually followed by a call or a text that their lives have been changed forever. 

I help clients remember who they are.

Let me share a story…


A year before I graduated from college (Did I mention I graduated college at 30? Did I mention it took me 11 years? Talk about being relentless!), my children’s father and I ended our relationship. We were sitting in our garage, and our last conversation went like this:


Me: So you don’t want to be with me anymore?

Him: No, not right now.

Me: Okay.


Then, I got up, walked upstairs, and never looked back. In fact, my only thought at that moment was, “I have to feed the kids now.” I didn’t ask why. I didn’t beg to work it out for our children. That was our final conversation about us. We were done.


People asked me, “Why aren’t you crying?” and “How did you move on so fast?”


It’s simple. I know who I am. I respected myself and knew my worth. And although the future was uncertain, I trusted myself to handle whatever was to come. 


You see, every time I am in a tough situation, I remember little Jiana. She was a winner. And winners win. No. Matter. What.


I upleveled my power, moved mountains, and made things happen for my girls. Fast. Supermama unlocked!


I help clients master themselves.

At the core of my work is self-mastery because that’s what I needed to do.


At 15, I hopped on a plane from Manila to San Francisco to live with my Dad. At 17, I was on my own.


When I was 20, I moved to Los Angeles with nothing but a suitcase and a head full of dreams. Theoretically, I am alone. My entire family lives in the Philippines, and my only family here in the US are my two little lovebugs.


But in my heart, mind, and spirit, I am not alone because I have myself. And when you have yourself, you have everything.


I believe you are capable of achieving everything you want and living a great life even without support. Since my family lives on the other side of the world, I had to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and resourceful. I had to create my own sunshine.


If you can master yourself—mind, body, and soul—anything is possible.

Let me show you how. 

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