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Sunday Stories: Your Life Is Your Testimony

Go to church on Easter, the angel said.

Excited and enthused, I woke up early on Sunday morning and went to church. A particular lyric from the opening song caught my attention: This is my testimony. This is my testimony. This is my testimony. I look out in front of me and there it was - my testimony. My reflection stared back at me. All the stories of my life flashed before my eyes one after another — images of beauty, challenge, sacrifice, and success all rolled up into one. I felt proud. Very proud. Proud of what I have created for myself and who I have become. I, today, am the culmination of the million little decisions I have made along the way and every single person I have crossed paths with. The picture is beautiful. Clear. With so much room for growth.

I love moments like this. When the wisdom is revealed in the quietest of corners. A subtle reassurance of protection and eternal blessings. And as for my part, a gentle surrender to the fulfillment of the mission I was put on Earth for. To give. To love. Intentionally and fearlessly. And to add to my testimony one day at a time.

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