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Old friends. Old places. They always bring back such fun memories of the past — late nights and very little sleep. Ha.

Every season of your life requires a different version of you. Stay learning. Go with your future. Resist holding on to those that no longer serve you. And if for some reason the past calls your name, only look back to see how far you have come. Smile fondly, but keep moving forward. It will get lonely, and loneliness can tempt you to revert to the comforts of the past. Do not falter. It is your responsibility to build an exciting life. Plan activities that keep you looking ahead. For the past is but a reminder of your old self and to choose to engage in it would be a disservice to your future self. Be kind, but need not explain. People will project their insecurities and fears, perhaps unknowingly. You however, have evolved. You are no longer your old self. You are no longer in your old life. You are here now. A thousand steps farther from who you once were. Celebrate this moment. It only gets better from here.

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