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Share Your Results, Not Your Dreams

It's natural to share things we love — our favorite food, movies we've seen, and all our best finds. That's how we connect with people. We share our best advice because we want to see our loved ones succeed or free them from pain and heartache. We share our dreams, our triumphs, and our disappointments. We share our heartbreaks and all the best days of our lives.

As you work towards your goals, things that excite you, and all your best ideas, hold off on letting other people know. Keep it to yourself for a while, no matter how great an opportunity may seem. When we share, we invite feedback and unsolicited advice. Criticism and praise are both important, and each has a purpose, place, and time.

You are more likely to find useful information from strangers on the internet than by talking to people you know. Unless you're talking to someone who has walked the path you are heading towards, other people's input rarely helps. Seek advice only from authority figures and top performers.

There is a time for everything — a time to ask, a time to conceal, a time for celebration, a time for accepting defeat. For now, keep honing your skills and mastering your emotions. All emotions, whether positive or negative, are fleeting. Keep to yourself, put your head down, and go to work.

Pay attention to how people react when you share your victories. Some will try to sway you to turn in a different direction when you share your ideas. Sometimes it is worth considering, but you must act of your own volition. Take full responsibility for your actions.

Share your results, not your dreams. Note their feedback, thoughts, advice, and criticism to improve yourself. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Ultimately, you are the architect, the magician, the sculptor. Let your north star guide you; as long as you stay true to who you are, you will always be in the right place.

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