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Make a Choice

Like anything else, desire, when unfed and unused, disintegrates. Your desire must remain at the forefront of your mind. More importantly, it must be cultivated; it must transform. An idea cannot remain an idea. A thought cannot remain a thought. An idea or a thought has no power unless acted upon. Thoughts and ideas are, at the start, in their raw forms. They must be played with, stretched, shaped, and reshaped.

Not all ideas are good ideas. Often they are mere impulses brought by feelings and temporary situations. They must go through a filtration process. A weak idea will be eliminated quickly; a strong idea will want to be explored. There is no need to ponder on this for too long. Choose ideas that align with your purpose and those that do, ignite a fire in your soul.

Do not wait to have all the pieces in your possession before acting on your good ideas. Make a decision. Now. Burn the boat. The Universe likes certainty; it cannot respond to incoherent messages. A message must be clear, concise, and properly communicated to return your desired response. When you make a decision, you flip a switch in your mind and activate the shortest pathway between you and your wants. What's more, it is the path of least resistance. Your world opens up, you generate more good ideas to put forth the vision, and people arrive at your doorstep to aid in this manifestation.

These can only happen when you decide. A choice that is true to you, a clear representation of who you are, not only feels good, it is good. This decision illuminates the big picture and clarifies the purpose of your actions.

Indecision hurts; it sets you back. It produces confusion and self-doubt. Decision kills fear. It provides protection that no outside forces can easily penetrate. It strengthens your conviction and desire.

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