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Live Outside the Spreadsheet

"You don't strike me as an extrovert, he said."

"Yeah. You're an ambivert, she added."

Ha. A recent discovery. Could I possibly be an introvert even? I suppose I would have to explore further to find out.

I love being home. It is quiet, comfortable, and has everything I want and need — food, water, internet, and my phone. I can rest if I want to, workout, and get work done. Each time I'm stuck in traffic, I remember how I used to drive an hour to school and work. It's fun thinking about it now. I really don't mind sitting in traffic. It's part of life here in Los Angeles and I've always made the most of it. I'm not used to driving at night anymore either, and when I do, it almost makes me laugh. It's as if I have to relearn everything and pay closer attention. My, how life has changed.

Life is beautiful at home. Second to none. The most sacred and precious part of myself that I take great pride in. The outside world, with all its shine, pales in comparison to the magic that is home.

But hey, I love going out, too! First, you have to take care of yourself and your home life. More on that next time :) Spoiler alert: it's an ongoing thing. Once all the bills are paid, all e-mails are answered, and all meetings have concluded, you have got to get a life. And life happens outside of the spreadsheet. Don't wait for an invitation. Don't wait for people to be available. Go out there and have some fun! A few clicks on a screen and you will find 100 things to do.

Tickets? Check. Parking? Check. A midday film festival with the people you love? Priceless.

"What's up there?", I asked. Take a look around. Be curious. And have the courage to ask questions and you'll find that people are eager to take you behind the curtains. A small space. An audience of 12. A peek through people's hearts, souls, and hard work. Again, priceless.

Live outside the spreadsheet. Your work will be there. Your business won't collapse overnight. Other people's emergencies are not your own. Hashtag: live, laugh, love. Haha! Okay, you get the picture.

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