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Let It Flow

Life is for you. All the good that you desire is here now. God created things for you to use to express a fuller life. The Universe wants to give it to you. All you need to do is allow for it to happen and claim that which is already yours.

Anything that is chased eludes. The tighter the grip, the more it hurts. Exerting more effort isn't always the solution; doing more often diminishes the return. Ease off the pedal. Review and revise as needed. Life is to be enjoyed.

The more you try, the worse it gets. Let it go. Meanwhile, focus on acting in the certain way. During moments of uncertainty, ask yourself, what is the right next move? Every right move is a good move, but not every good move is a right move. The right move comes from a place of truth, and where there is truth, there is power.

Act in accordance with your nature, for going against that which you are brings unhappiness, and unhappiness and unfulfillment are the ultimate failures. Get into the state of flow as often as possible. Engage in work and activities that feel fluid, and create with people who share the same philosophies, for misalignment in beliefs breeds contempt and dissatisfaction.

Be open to new ideas, study them, extract the good and apply them. Trust yourself, and should you realize you made a mistake, take full ownership and set your sail back into the right course immediately.

Life is for you. Take time to study and understand yourself. Taking the path of least effort does not mean no effort must be made. It means to move with grace and ease. It means to think and act with certainty. It means to come from a place of love, for true love is gentle and light. True love isn't overbearing; it is mindful.

Creation happens when there is freedom in the mind to explore, to observe and examine, to ponder. Accept that your external circumstances are the culmination of a million decisions you have made up to this point, but operate with steadfast conviction and grit towards your desired future. Stand resolute that the Universe is on your side, move from your intention, and life will flow effortlessly.

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