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Let It Burn

Desire is the foundation of achievement. All great things came from the minds of men and women who wanted them and wanted them bad.

Desire is that which you ultimately want. It keeps you up at night and occupies your thoughts. Take time to listen to your soul; let your inner voice speak to you.

You've got to have a dream. To want isn't sufficient; most people quit prematurely. Dreams inspire. They light you up and make you reach for more. Find your north star. Let it provide light, clarity, and direction as you embark on a wild ride.

Wherever you are on the journey, keep your eyes fixed on your vision. Take care of your needs, but start working towards your dreams. Get clear on what you want. You don't need to have it all figured out; the how will be revealed to you. What you need is a compelling vision. If the vision isn't compelling enough, you will quit and become susceptible to other people's opinions. Remember that your vision is yours. You must be willing to go to war and fight for it.

You will have days where leaving your warm bed is the last thing you want to do; your desire must make you overcome it. The thought of not acting on that which you want must make you feel uncomfortable. You will know you have a compelling vision when missing an opportunity to move on the dream feels like torture.

Your hunger for the attainment of your wants must be fed to be sustained. Desire must be fueled. It must become a burning desire. Believe that it is possible. Feed your desire with unshakeable faith and deliberate action, for each step closer to the dream produces more belief and more desire. Repetition to this process is vital. Progress equals excitement, and excitement leads to a stronger faith which yields more action.

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